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Your Monthly Sex Horoscope: August 2016

Libra: Libra can expect happy times this August as their ruling planet – sexy Venus – makes a union with lucky Jupiter on the 27th, bringing good fortune. Single Libra will have many dates, opportunities for sex and social invitations.

Aquarius: All lights are green for Aquarius this month when it comes to love and sex. Uranus – the ruling planet of Aquarius – is very active during August. Single Aquarius will enjoy many dates and enjoyable social outings with friends and family members, as well as a chance to meet someone new through a work connection.

Taurus: During the first part of August, Taurus may experience frustrations in love and relationships because of negative Venus aspects. Single Taurus may wonder why they don’t have dates or can’t seem to find a sexual partner. After the 17th of the month, things will start to improve concerning love and sex.

August: An upsurge of sexual desire will be enjoyed by Sagittarius this month. Lusty Mars will move into the sign of the Archer on the 24th, causing some intense love vibes for Sagittarius. However, gloomy Saturn makes his presence known as well, and all Archers should be cautious this month or the outcome will not be a pleasant one.

Gemini: The first part of August will not lucky for the Twins in love. Mercury – the ruling planet of Gemini – will work mischief in their love life. Gemini should beware of making any important romantic decisions or agreements, signing prenuptial contracts, or getting married during the first half of the month.

Aries: Unusual love and sex circumstances are in store for Rams this month as Uranus moves slowly through the sign of Aries. There can be sudden sexual attractions to new people, and existing love relationships may suffer as a result. Single Aries will enjoy some unusual sexual encounters while dating, while those in a relationship will enjoy a welcome surge of passion with their partner.

Cancer: August can be the month of tremendous change for some Cancers when it comes to love and sex. Single Cancer will constantly daydream about dating a particular new person, but may never ask for that first date while committed Cancer may let a dark cloud of worry cause them to neglect their partner and then wonder why they feel so alone and sexually frustrated.

Scorpio: Scorpio may wonder why they feel so lackluster about love and sex this month, not realizing that cosmic energies are responsible. Sex can take a backseat for the single Scorpio, who may prefer to forget about dating for a while. Scorpio in a relationship may retreat from their love partner as well.

Leo: The Sun will shine brightly in love and sex this August, putting a big smile on the face of the Lion. Watch out for the weird and out-of-the-ordinary after the 16th, when Leo’s ruling planet will form a beneficial bond with Uranus. This aspect will bring amazing good luck and happiness.

Capricorn: During the first part of August, Capricorn will experience much contentment and satisfaction in love and sex. It will seem Capricorn can do no wrong during this period. However, after the 13th things can change when gloomy Saturn will form a square position with the planet of love.

Virgo: Sensual Virgo finds this August to be especially pleasing when it comes to love and sex. Passion is definitely on Virgo’s mind as Venus moves into the sign of the Virgin early in the month and squares lusty Mars on the 6th.

Pisces: Pisces will be feeling quite emotional this month when it comes to love relationships and should guard against excess stress in other areas of their life. Sex can be an excellent way for Pisces to let go and forget their troubles for a while and truly enjoy themselves.


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