Sexology 101

Masturbation is Good for You…Who Knew?

There is nothing wrong with taking the time to pleasure yourself – it feels great and it’s the perfect alternative to casual sex. Also, masturbation allows you to get to know your body to reveal what really turns you on. But, did you know that masturbation actually has health benefits?

Benefits of Masturbation for Men

  1. Controls premature ejaculation. Sex counselors often find that men who experience premature ejaculation can benefit from masturbation if they do it about 2 hours prior to sex.
  2. Prevents prostate cancer. Studies revealed that men who ejaculated more than five times per week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer.
  3. Makes your erection harder. Regular sex or masturbation works out your pelvic floor muscles to prevent erectile dysfunction and incontinence.
  4. Improves sperm motility. Theoretically, a man masturbating before intercourse releases the residual sperms in the semen, paving the way for new and improved sperms. 
  5. Helps you last longer. Train yourself by timing how long it takes you to orgasm. If it usually takes two minutes solo, try for three next time.
  6. Reduces nasal congestion. Another study showed a reduction of swelling of vessels in the nose during sex and masturbation. This helps to reduce symptoms of the common cold, hay fever, allergic rhinitis and other such health-related ailments.
  7. Controls Stress And Depression. Masturbation has been used in the management of stress, as it results in the release of feel-good hormones, called oxytocin, in the body.
  8. Boosts your immunity. Ejaculation increases levels of the hormone cortisol, which helps regulate and maintain your immunity in small doses.
  9. Boosts your mood. Masturbating releases a host of feel-good neurochemicals that boost your spirits, increase your satisfaction, and trigger the reward circuits in your brain.
  10. Prevents Pregnancy And STDs. Last but not the least, this one is for both men and women! For those who want to avoid impregnation, masturbation is a safe way of attaining sexual satisfaction without vaginal penetration. Masturbation also poses no risk for contracting an STD.

Benefits of Masturbation for Women

  1. It makes you happier. We know that pleasure makes people feel good…it’s just that simple. Orgasms release the endorphins that can improve your mood, resulting in a natural high.
  2. It makes you feel more comfortable with your body. Your body should be your best friend and that means you need to explore it. It is very important that women have an appreciation of their own anatomy and how to self-pleasure it.
  3. It can make your sex life better. Knowing your body in a more intimate way can make you more confident in bed and more open with partners. When you really know what you like, you can communicate that to your partner.
  4. It helps you sleep better. Orgasms relieve tension and exhaust the body- both physically and emotionally – which helps you fall asleep quicker.
  5. It’s an ideal way to get rid of sexual tension. If you’ve consciously chosen to not have sex – or are simply going through a dry spell – masturbating is an ideal way to satisfy your libido.
  6. It relieves stress. Anything that makes you feel more relaxed is a good thing, and self-stimulation is definitely one of the best ways to unwind.
  7. Masturbation helps your body stay sexual, even if you’re not sexually active. If you’re between partners, there’s a benefit to self-stimulating – not only does it keep the tissues elastic and healthy and increase blood flow – but it also gets your brain going.
  8. There are hundreds of cool gadgets available to help you masturbate. From vibrators to G-spot stimulators, there’s a vibrator for every lady.
  9. If you’re in a relationship, it’s a great way to mix things up. The more you masturbate and become comfortable being sexual with your own body, the more you’ll want to be sexual with your partner. Being self-sexual stimulates the part of the brain that keeps your libido alive and well.
  10. You can enjoy multiple orgasms. Understanding how your body works will help you know precisely how to pleasure it. Climax is typically only at the end of sex for men, but women can keep going…so why stop at one?

As a last note, masturbation is a normal, enjoyable and healthy experience. It’s time to put the taboo nature of masturbation to bed and realize that it just might be exactly what you need.

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