Sexology 101

Losing Your Virginity to a Sex Shop Tampa

Tips and helpful hints for those who have never been to, or are too shy for a visit to a sex shop Tampa.

Going into an sex shop Tampa for the first time can be nerve-racking for many people. Everyone has their own first experience and once they work up the courage to go into one, the experience can be great, or scar you for life! Many people worry that they will see someone they know, or that their sexual desires are too far out there for anyone to understand.

So you have worked up the courage to come into your first adult store (Everything Sexy 4Play) and you have no clue where to begin….PERFECT! This is something many people experience when they first come in the door. While some know what it is they like, many people have a hard time explaining it to another person, especially a perfect stranger. Hopefully these helpful tips will help to put you at ease!

No question is a dumb, naughty, or crazy question when visiting a sex shop Tampa.

While many feel too shy or embarrassed to ask a perfect stranger questions about different adult toys, such as; “What the difference between a G-Spot toy and a Clitoral simulator? What is a rabbit? Or why would we use a cock ring?”

This is a normal way to feel and you might be thinking to yourself, “oh I can’t ask about that, she is going to think I’m some kind of sex freak!” This couldn’t be further from the truth. Every employee that works at Everything Sexy 4Play is working here because they are sexually positive people and they want people, including yourself, to have more pleasure in their lives.

Take a lap around the sex shop Tampa.

Walk around and get a look at everything there is in the store, while you may not have any interest in getting something from the 50 Shades of Grey Collection, we  encourage you to walk the whole store and see all the different types of styles and functions each toy has to offer. You may have never thought of using a certain type of toy until you see it.

Bring a friend or your partner to the sex shop Tampa.

Some times, when faced with an awkward situation, such as your first visit, it might be helpful to bring a friend or your partner along for the experience. If you choose to do so, we do suggest that you are 100% comfortable with that person and that your sex life is something you have shared with them before.

If you bring a friend we recommend bringing one who has already been to an adult store Tampa, and who has experience of their own with toys. Those who own and enjoy adult toys, aren’t going to judge you for getting one. Or maybe you would like to bring your partner in with you to help pick something out, we welcome and encourage couples here!

Let our expert staff help you at the sex shop Tampa.

Lets be honest, a toy might look perfect for you, pretty box, offers the functions you are looking for and in your price range, but what happens when you get home and quickly realize that the pretty box and functions you thought you wanted just isn’t doing it for you?

This goes back into my first tip: asking questions. While you may not need help with the style of toy you are looking for, you might need help picking out the one that is going to be perfect for you.

At Everything Sexy 4Play, we want to take that “perfect” toy out of the box, explain how to turn it on, select different functions, and give some helpful tips on how to increase your pleasure with it. Many people realize after they get it out of the box, there is something that they don’t like about that perfect toy.

If you want to test and feel 8 different toys before you find the one, then that’s okay too! Nothing is worse than making a purchase and realizing that you aren’t happy with it once you get back home.

We hope these simple tips help to make your first visit to a sex shop Tampa a positive and empowering one, and that you will continue to come back and let us help you add some variety into your sex life.

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