Is Old-Fashioned Sex Advice Still Valid?

Decades ago, a woman’s sexual pleasure was something taboo that was only to be whispered about. Extra-marital sex was deemed as being shameful. Sex toys – or anything other than the missionary position – were only for sleazy girls and prostitutes.

Thank goodness we’ve managed to substantially progress when it comes to sex. Pornography is the new normal and – not surprisingly – adult stores are now big business, instead of shady, hidden back-alley establishments. Movies such as “Fifty Shades of Grey” have inspired women everywhere to try some BDSM (Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM).

But have we completely discarded our good old-fashioned beliefs about sex? Let’s take a look at some good old-fashioned sex advice to see if it’s still relevant today.

Old-Fashioned Advice: A woman’s most important task is to boost and maintain her partner’s ego. This isn’t really the worst advice. Showing appreciation and complimenting your partner – man or woman – builds up confidence, which is good for the bedroom. The more you glorify your partner, the more he or she is going to want to please you.

Old-Fashioned Advice: If you’re frigid and basically uninterested in sex, don’t rush to tell your partner about it.  Basically what he or she doesn’t know won’t hurt. Um, incorrect. If you are not enjoying yourself, there’s a good chance that it will ruin sex for your partner.  Communicate with your partner about what you do and don’t like. If he/she doesn’t want to listen and take steps to please you, leave!

Old-Fashioned Advice: Every woman should wear the best quality pink underwear she can afford, and lace and ruffles, are liked by most men. Actually not all men prefer lingerie or fancy underwear, but if you want to feel and appear sexy make sure whatever you’re wearing is flattering. You can still be sexy in cute cotton bras and panties, and the color doesn’t have to be pink. In fact men actually typically prefer black or white.

Old-Fashioned Advice: Sex is revolting at best and painful at worst, but it has to be tolerated. This is one old-fashioned sex tip that we can’t believe! Sex should never be revolting or painful, and if it is, you’re doing it wrong! Even when you desire pain, it should come from a place of pleasure and enjoyment.

Old-Fashioned Advice: A bride will allow a maximum of two short sexual occurrences each week during the first few months of marriage. As time passes she should make every effort to decrease this frequency. First off, sex no longer has to be enjoyed under the binds of marriage. Secondly, if you are married, decreasing the frequency of sex is going to affect your relationship. Married couples should stay committed, keep things fresh, and try to have sex as frequency as possible.

Old-Fashioned Advise: A smart bride will never let her husband see her naked body, or show his naked body to her.Being naked has many benefits to your health AND makes you desire sex more frequently because it increases circulation and boosts confidence, both of which have been proven to increase sex drive and sexual pleasure!

While we can learn from the past in most other situations, sex doesn’t seem to be one of them! Thank goodness we’ve progressed so much that we can cum so far.

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