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How Sex Toys Build Intimacy in Couples The loss of intimacy can be a big issue in a long-term relationship.

The loss of intimacy can be a big issue in a long-term relationship. After a few years together, the passion fades, and sex is downgraded to the ‘to-do’ list. As any tired, frazzled parent knows, making time for intimacy doesn’t seem that important. Today we’re discussing how sex toys build intimacy in couples.

However, a high level of physical intimacy in a relationship leads to higher levels of satisfaction with the relationship. And the more satisfied you are with your partner, the easier it is to weather the inevitable storms that come along.

In this article, we are going to look at four ways sex toys build intimacy between partners.

Sex Toys Build Intimacy By Boosting Orgasms

Orgasms are often elusive for women. While some women can orgasm at the drop of a hat, most don’t find it that easy. This can cause problems in a relationship. Sex toys can really help in this regard. The most obvious sex toy to try is a vibrator. Vibrators stimulate the genitals in a more intense way.  Read: How to Choose a Vibrator.

Coping with Erectile Dysfunction

There is another scenario when couples need a helping hand in the bedroom. This time, it’s the man who has a problem. Erectile dysfunction affects all men at some point. Vibrating penis rings act as a tight band around the base of the penis, trapping the blood and helping a man to maintain an erection for longer. Sex toys build intimacy because this is stimulating for both partners and if the woman struggles to achieve an orgasm, the vibrating element will help. Read: How to Use C-Rings.

Sex Toys Build Intimacy By Taking the Pressure Off

Many men feel under enormous pressure to ‘perform’ in the bedroom. This isn’t healthy for a relationship, as there will be times when your body isn’t in the mood, even though your partner is ready for some action. Using sex toys takes the pressure off the guy. He knows that his partner is guaranteed satisfaction, even if he is tired or not feeling it.

Keep the Passion Alive

After several years together, it is only natural for the passion to fade in a long-term relationship. The danger is that when you become less connected in the bedroom, the rest of your relationship will suffer. If you are feeling less than enthused about your partner in the bedroom, it is time to shake things up a bit. Visit your local adult store to see what sparks an interest. Introducing sex toys into a relationship should be done with tact.

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