Sexology 101

G-Spot: A GPS To Her Happy Place

How can you take your woman’s orgasms to an entirely new level? Find her g-spot! This unique spot located within the vaginal wall contains nerve-rich tissue that when properly stimulated can create intense orgasms.

Spend some time with your partner exploring this erogenous zone, and take her orgasms to a whole new level.

What is the g-spot? The g-spot is the spongy tissue of the paraurethral gland. It’s often referred to as the female prostate because its tissue encircles an area that produces chemicals comparable to those produced by the male prostate. The actual area is about the size of a quarter and beneath it is some extremely sensitive tissue that, when properly stimulated, ignites feelings of sexual euphoria.

How do you find the g-spot? Start by spreading your partner’s legs with her knees bent, so that her vagina is open. Then stimulate her clitoris to get her aroused. With the palm of your hand facing up, insert two fingers inside the vagina while pushing your fingertips against the center of the higher vaginal wall. Using medium pressure, slowly rub your fingers along the vaginal wall to find an area that is ridged or textured. The g-spot will feel slightly rougher than the rest of the vaginal wall. When you find it, your partner will certainly know it!

How can you stimulate her g-spot?

Tapping: This is a very effective way of stimulating the g-spot without a lot of time and effort. Simply use the tip of your finger to tap on her G-spot firmly and repeatedly. This slowly builds waves of sensation that typically lead to an intense orgasm.

Girl on the top: Activating the g-spot in a missionary position is practically impossible. The best positions for g-spot stimulation are female-on-top. Try this position with your partner leaning slightly back, away from you. This position works best because it forces your penis to rub against the upper vaginal wall, making the g-spot much easier to stimulate.

Prop up her hips: If you choose to use the missionary position, you’ll have to elevate her hips, as the incline forces your penis to push directly into the g-spot zone! It also provides maximum penetration. I suggest using one of our many Liberator products. Compared to a traditional pillow, the high-density foam of these products maintains its shape, supports the body, and prevents sinking into the mattress.

Try a toy: Toys can take the guesswork out of finding and stimulating your partner’s g-spot. Many toys are specifically designed to locate and stimulate the g-spot. Their curved shapes put just the right amount of pressure on the g-spot, and the vibrations help stimulate it, too! For maximum g-spot ecstasy, try one of these stimulating toys:

  • Sensuelle: If you have the urge to try something new, these products will exceed your – and her – greatest expectations. It has a deceivingly simple, sleek design with special hidden features aimed to expose your sensuality.
  • Envie G-Spot: Light up your night with this amazing massager. This waterproof vibe features a body-safe silicone sleeve and 7 powerful speeds and functions. It also includes a ring-shaped handle that makes this item easy to operate and hold.
  • Wonderland Pleasurepillar: WonderLand is filled with erotic surprises and sultry, satisfying delights. Pleasurepillar features a g-spot curve, 10 strong functions, and a design that will make your lady squirm in ecstasy.
  • Mood G-Powerful: The Mood G-Powerful has 10 intense functions of vibration and pulsation. It is sleek and discrete enough to fit into a purse to travel with you.
  • We-Vibe 4 –This is the world’s top-selling couples vibrator, which has been completely redesigned for a better fit, elevated intensity and more control. Your partner wears it during sex for added stimulation to her g-spot and clitoris.
  • Embrace My Wand: This is a petite, ergonomically designed wand massager with 30 functions of intense vibration, pulsation and escalation. It’s state-of-the-art memory chip picks up where you left off. Easy push-button controls with instant on/off button and USB rechargeable cord (included).

So there you have it…go forth and embrace her g-spot!


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