Five Possible Reasons Why You Can’t Orgasm It Might Not Be What You Think!

If you’re having trouble reaching orgasm, you’re most definitely not alone! In fact, as many as one in three women have difficulty reaching orgasm when having sex. And it turns out there may be a reason that you hadn’t even thought of. Today we’re sharing some possible reasons why you can’t orgasm.

If you are someone who struggles to orgasm during sex, and are missing out on all of the benefits that comes with having an orgasm, here are five reasons why this might be occurring.

Absence Of Sex Education And Knowledge About The Body

When we know how and why a particular organ in our body functions, we gain an understanding as to how things are supposed to work. Learning aids with the perception that everyone is different, when it comes to their personal orgasms and how they would like them to be. Being able to recognize the sensations associated with orgasm arousal and how this may feel helps.

Shyness May Be A Reason Why You Can’t Orgasm

Discussions regarding sex and orgasms is still often considered a taboo subject. Some women have never examined their own vulvas and clitoris, or ever asked about foreplay. Because Sex Education at school was very limited or not even discussed many are left with a feeling of shyness when it comes to the topic of orgasm. Read: 11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Vagina.

Taking Certain Medications Could Be Why You Can’t Orgasm

Some medications can actually impede orgasms. These can include some antidepressants, heart or diabetes medications, mental health medications, and hair loss treatments. Alcohol and other drugs, lack of exercise, smoking, anxiety, stress, can also impact your ability to orgasm.

Cultural Considerations

In some cultures sex is not talked about at all, and can be seen as a man’s responsibility to know how and what a woman likes with little or no education or information. Sex, let alone pleasure, in many cultures is not permitted, or is used only for reproduction.

Wrong Circumstances

Some sexual encounters may not be right for reaching orgasms. This may be the case when the other person is only interested in their own orgasm and not their partner’s. This could be another reason why you can’t orgasm.

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