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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Vacation Sex

With summer on the horizon, now is the time many people are planning their annual vacations. And vacation sex deserves its reputation as being particularly delicious. When you and your partner step away from what causes stress, you may find yourselves as interested in each other as you are in the sightseeing.

Following are some simple rules to help turn up the heat on any tropical or summertime couple’s vacation.

The Dos of Vacation Sex

  1. 1. Do make sunscreen application a form of foreplay. Take some tips from a professional massage expert and make rubbing lotion onto your partner’s hard-to-reach spots not only thorough, but thoroughly enjoyable.
  1. Do engage in PDA. Whether you’ve been together for five weeks, or five years, vacations tend to bring out the sexiness in everyone, so just go with it! Hold hands on the beach, kiss underwater, and make sultry eyes over romantic, candle-lit dinners.
  1. Do give your summer a scent. Pack a new deodorant, perfume, or candle. With your sense of smell tied so powerfully to your memory, this new scent will forever transport you back to this sensual, tranquil vacation every time you smell it.
  1. Do drink “Sex on the Beach.” Vacation is really the only time you should drink umbrella cocktails with strange names. When you relax this inhibition, others will follow.
  1. Do bring travel-friendly sex toys. There are many small, compact sex toys that won’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase, such as lubes, small vibrating bullets and eggs, wrist cuffs, etc.
  1. Do sleep naked. Do this especially if you don’t normally do it back home. Tropical breezes feel nice on bare skin.
  1. Do get a couples’ massage. And do it on the beach, if possible. Vacation is one of the best times to splurge on this indulgent experience because afterwards, you’ll both feel relaxed and physically stimulated, which is the perfect time to get it on.

The Don’ts of Vacation Sex

  1. Don’t stress about your bathing-suit body. No one on the beach is giving your body a second thought, except for your partner, and all they’re thinking is they can’t wait to rock it later.
  1. Don’t have intercourse in the water. Pool sex is not as sexy in real life as it is on TV or in the movies. There are three issues: lubrication, irritation and infection. The water in the pool will likely wash away your natural lubrication; ironically, being surrounded by water makes you drier inside, so intercourse may be more uncomfortable.
  1. Don’t go overboard with the PDA. Although we said that PDA was a ‘Do”, remember to be respectful of your fellow vacationers. Not everyone wants their beach views to be XX rated.
  1. Don’t have sex on the beach. Sand in your delicate nooks and crannies will not make for a pleasant sensual experience, and can actually be quite painful.
  1. Don’t pack your sex toys on your carry-on. Don’t pack your favorite vibe in your purse – which is sure to raise some red flags – thus inconveniencing your fellow passengers as they wait for all the TSA employees to have a good laugh at your expense. Check out our article on Traveling with sex toys.
  1. Don’t have sex on the hotel bedspreads. You’ve heard the horror stories about how dirty hotel bedspreads are. If you have sex on it, not only are you exposing yourself to the germs – you’re compounding the problem!
  1. Don’t forget to pack the birth control. Nothing will ruin your vacation like scrambling to get a prescription for Plan B in a foreign country.

Now pack your bags and get ready for some vibrant, vivacious vacation sex!


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