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Dos And Don’ts When Visiting An Adult Store Here's a guide to the proper store etiquette when shopping for pleasure products.

We find that for a lot of people, the idea of going to a store and talking to a person one-on-one about their sex life is intimidating. However, the advantage of visiting our adult store rather than shopping online is that not only do you get to see and compare the products firsthand, but you also get expert knowledge from experienced salespeople.

Here’s a guide to the proper store etiquette when shopping for pleasure products.

Learn about your (and your partner’s) body before you come in.

When shopping for others, whether it’s a partner or a bachelorette, get a feel for their sexual preferences and maybe even fantasies. Don’t assume. For example, most women need clitoral stimulation in order to achieve orgasm, so we  might recommend a clitoral/external stimulator over the standard dildo or vibrator. A good place to start is to educate yourself about the male and female erogenous zones. When you get to the store, a salesperson can provide product suggestions.

Learn from the educated salespeople at the adult store.

Don’t go to a adult store where the employees are simply looking for a paycheck. Sex toys have actual science and complicated technology behind them (material, power, cleanliness, etc.), not to mention history. You want to learn these things from experts. (Read: How to Clean and Maintain Your Sex Toys)

Sex toys can be costly.

Adult stores are typically locally-owned. We are aware that you can find many of our adult products, especially high-end ones, online for less. But we urge you to shop local.  There are plenty of other adult toys under $100 that are better than luxury brands – enough factors and exceptions play in that it’s important to seek professional advice.

Ask a lot of questions when visiting an adult store.

There is no such thing as a stupid question – just be appropriate and respectful. Don’t ask, “You stick it up WHERE?!” Try instead, “How is this toy used?” Ultimately we are trained retail workers and want to answer any questions you have.

Don’t ask what’s “best.”

There is no such thing as the “best” toy because what works for some people won’t for others. Pretty much everything regarding sexual pleasure is personal; find out what feels good for you and work with that.

Don’t ask the salesperson at the adult store what their favorite is.

This is still a retail shop; just because we’re selling pleasure products doesn’t mean we’ve tried all, some, or any of them. We will volunteer the information ourselves if we feel comfortable enough doing so.

Don’t be ashamed to visit an adult store.

People are becoming more open to talking about and enjoying sex. It is perfectly okay for people to enjoy sex, either alone or with another person. Further, sex toys are not just a “chick thing;” there are plenty of toys designed for men.

Sex is fun. Don’t let social norms prevent you from being open to or trying new things. Come by and let our expert staff answer your questions and show you our complete line of adult products for your pleasure. Stop by the best adult store today to see our complete selection of adult toysadult apparel (including a wide variety of lingerie and dancewear), adult gamesadult furniture, and more!



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