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The cuckolding craze – are you game? Why is this fetish so popular?

Cuckolding – when we boil it all down to its basic principle – is when the dominant half of a relationship decides to take on other lovers with or without the consent of the submissive partner.  The cuckold is the submissive partner.

Now let’s look at it in all its individual glory with a woman as the dominant.  Cuckolding is as individual as the couples who are participating in it.  For the most part though, the male feels inadequate – usually from a penis size perspective – and wants to watch his partner have sex with another man who is usually larger, more dominant and therefore more worthy of his partner than he is.

The key to making cuckolding work for you is to make it totally your own.  As a couple you need to agree on parameters that will work for both of you.  The keys to success are compromise and communication.

Cuckolding and Jealousy

Does the cuckold want to watch or just be told about what it was like for the woman to have sex with the other man?  Some men want to watch, some men don’t.  Some figure that jealousy will kick in if they’re in the room during sex.  (If that’s the case you might really want to think it over BEFORE you go ahead with this.)  For the cuckolds who don’t want to watch, being descriptively told about what it felt like, how big the other guy’s penis was, how long the sex lasted etc., works just as well.  You may even consider taking your cell phone to the encounter if it’s in a hotel and calling the cuckold at home and letting him listen.

Cuckolding and Participation

For those who are watching, will you be allowed to participate in some way?  Some cuckolds are tied to a chair at the end of the bed and left there not able to masturbate during the session or they are put in chastity.  Some with bi-fantasies are made to suck the alpha male hard first preparing him for his partner.  And some cuckolds are allowed to hold his partner’s legs back facilitating entry or even to hold the alpha’s cock and guide it in to her.

Cuckolding and Humiliation

Will the cuckold be humiliated verbally? Many submissive males enjoy being humiliated during a sex session with an alpha male.  Either by the alpha male the female or both.  Hearing your partner tell you how much better it feels being fucked by a bigger cock, listening to the alpha male say how much he loves being inside of her and that he’d never let anyone fuck someone as beautiful as this etc.

All of these are just ideas to get you started.  Remember to make cuckolding your own by coming up with your individual ideas that work for the both of you.

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