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Buying Sex Toys in Tampa? Be Sure the Seller is Legit!

Today’s consumers love the convenience of one-stop shopping on massive online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, etc. where consumers can even purchase things to spice up their sex lives. But when buying sex toys in Tampa, how can you be sure that the seller is 100% legit?

Have you noticed that the sex toys for sale from large mainstream retailers are not actually sold by those companies, but are being sold by third-party sellers? What surprises many is that in an increasing number of cases, it’s dishonest manufacturers in foreign countries that are selling knock-offs at super low prices. In some cases, they ship them from their countries or have them bulk shipped to warehouses like Amazon to distribute them.

What is more disturbing is that many of these third-party sellers are unscrupulous, and once they sell out of a product or get numerous bad reviews, they close their seller account, open a new one, and start over again. Consumers are often shocked when they have problems with their sex toy and cannot find the seller because their listing was removed.

They also scam the reviews sections with fake reviews by incentivizing people to give good reviews or remove any negative reviews by giving away free products, financial incentives, and even having internal employees writing them. Even more disturbing are those resellers who take returns and the resell them sending out products that may not just have harmful bacteria, but possibly STDs.

With all these things to consider it may seem a little scary when buying sex toys in Tampa. But rest assured there are many great, reputable sex toy retailers in Tampa that not only sell authentic, high-quality sex toys, but who care about their customers and keep their order details private and sell products that consumers love and that are safe to use.

Here are 4 ways to protect yourself and make sure you’re buying sex toys in Tampa from safe sources.

  1. Make sure they are a trusted site or seller. Buy from retailers who are well established, provide detailed information about their policies, and allow you to communicate with them. You should be able to call them and ask questions about products and receive detailed answers about product functioning, materials, warranties, and even their company history. Companies that only have a P.O. box or email as the only way to reach them may be some that you want to evaluate further. Authorized sex toy retailers accept manufacturer legal agreements, so if you see prices that are too good to be true, they are. It could be a cheaply made knock-off that contains toxins, or even a previously sold sex toy.
  2. Don’t purchase from a company that doesn’t promise to keep your information private. Good sex toy retailers will not sell your information – a very good sex toy retailer will explain how they ensure this.
  3. Don’t buy anything if it seems “off.” Avoid resellers that make unrealistic guarantees. Sex toys are personal, and just like not everyone is going to love a certain type of food, not everyone is going to love a certain type of sex toy. Look for retailers that spend more time describing realistic and accurate details about a sex toy rather than trying to convince you that it will fulfill every fantasy you could ever have.
  4. If they’re not willing to educate you, they’re no good. When buying sex toys in Tampa, avoid sex toy retailers that do not educate consumers. Part of being good at selling sex toys is helping and empowering consumers by educating them about things like what types of lubricants can be used with certain sex toy materials to avoid chemical interactions, or how to properly clean or store your toy. Be an empowered consumer, get educated and know who you are dealing with when buying something for your sexual health and pleasure.

Our female staff is professional, discreet and educated when it comes to buying sex toys in Tampa. Stop by today and we’ll recommend something to make this weekend extra special!

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