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Are You Making These Surprising Sex Toy Mistakes? Better to be safe than sorry!

One of the best things about sex toys is that you can use them in whatever way brings you pleasure. The shape, type of touch, intensity and location all play a role.

But there are some general ground rules that will ensure that sure you have an even better time. If you use sex toys or are planning to start, here are a few sex toy mistakes you don’t want to make.

The Top 3 Sex Toy Mistakes

  1. You don’t wash them properly. Proper toy hygiene and storage are important for your safety and to make them last longer. Using a dirty and worn toy is not only impolite to your genitals – it can also put you at risk for health issues such as urinary tract infections. You don’t need anything fancy – a mild unscented soap or sex toy cleaner is enough to clean most toys – and you ideally should wash your toy before and after every use, but at least before.
  2. You automatically go for the most popular toy. Popularity shouldn’t dictate which toy you choose. A sex toy isn’t like a cell phone where if you have the one that does all the things and has all the features, it’s going to be the best choice. As a starting point, it makes more sense to ask about the most popular toys for what you’re into specifically. 
  3. You put too much focus too much on orgasms. Sure, one of their perks is that they can be really, really useful for getting yourself off. But that attitude could be adding unnecessary pressure and taking some of the fun out of the experience. You can use sex toys to have some feel-good feelings and to enjoy the pleasure of sexual play without it being just a means to have an orgasm.

More Sex Toy Mistakes

  1. You always use toys by yourself. There’s sometimes a weird shame about bringing toys into partnered sex. Some worry that a toy is being used as a “replacement” or to make up for some sort of performance shortfall. But there are many women who are not able to orgasm unless they use a vibrator. So if you’re concerned about bringing sex toys to your partnered sex, remember that a good sexual partner should want you to experience as much pleasure as possible, even if that incudes the use of a sex toy if that’s what you enjoy.
  2. You don’t use the correct – or any – lube. Lube can be just as great for solo sex as it is for sex with a partner, sometimes even more so. Whenever you aren’t using lube, you not only run the risk of irritation and discomfort, you could also experience vaginal tearing.
  3. You don’t read and heed the instructions. When it comes to sex toys that are battery-operated, most instructions suggest giving it a full charge before you use it to prolong the battery life. Also, if you’re not sure what all the buttons do you might accidentally switch settings at the worst possible moment! This can be one of the most important sex toy mistakes you can make.
  4. You share your sex toys without taking the proper safety measures. Using the same sex toys without protection is pretty much that same as having unprotected sex. You’re sharing bodily fluids, which puts you at risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection. Also, don’t share the same toy with different holes on your own body without cleaning it properly in between.
  5. You’re embarrassed about the fact that you use a sex toy. If sex toys are a permanent fixture in your sex life, you’re definitely don’t have anything to be ashamed of. Letting go of any inhibitions you have around sex toys can be challenging. If that’s what you want, try integrating toys into your idea of sex as often and enthusiastically as possible. Go shopping with a partner to normalize their use and make it enjoyable.

The reason behind a sex toy is to find your pleasure, particularly if you’re using it during masturbation, which is a time when you should feel completely free to do whatever you want. Just keep these sex toy mistakes in mind when you’re enjoying yourself!

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