Sexology 101

An orgasm a day…

An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away! Well, maybe not quite like an apple, but it can definitely help. Our love and appreciation of orgasms is well documented, from why you should masturbate regularly and have sex every night to our definitive guide to female orgasms. But today find out even more about why you should be having orgasms daily.

Time For You: Let’s start with a seemingly selfish, but totally necessary reason: An orgasm a day is the perfect opportunity for you to devote a little time strictly to you. We know most of you spend all day running around trying to make sure you get done the many little things our modern lives require. So slow down…sit back…grab your favorite vibrator and focus on YOU.

Cure That Headache: The benefits of an orgasm a day have physical components, too. Whether you earn that orgasm solo or with your partner, if you’re having aches and pains you stand to benefit from the boost of oxytocin, the “love hormone” released post-orgasm that floods us with endorphins, makes us want to cuddle, and when we’re in love, can help deepen our bonds with our partners. Those same endorphins can also help ease everyday aches and pains. At any rate – if you’re so inclined, this method certainly doesn’t hurt to try!

Boost Your Immune System: Speaking more broadly, it turns out that orgasms can do even more than ease aches and pains. One study reported results that suggest having an orgasm can increase the body’s infection-fighting cells by as much as 20%! While it might not be exactly an orgasm a day, another study suggests that having sex once or twice a week provides immune system boosts as well. Switch things up with morning sex for the jolt starting your day with an orgasm will give it!

Period Benefits: Oh, but it’s not just your immune system. Regular sex – at least once a week – can actually help some women regulate their periods too, as reported by researchers at Columbia and Stanford Universities. And there’s also another way to reap the benefits of an orgasm a day when it comes to your period. A different study discovered that around the 14th day of a woman’s menstrual cycle, the clitoris enlarges up to 20%. Do we have to spell out the rest?

The lesson is clear: pay attention to the specific day of your menstrual cycle and take advantage of science for better sex!

Relax and Drift Off to Sleep: Once you and your partner have reaped all the benefits of an orgasm a day, from the heightened bonding to the immune system boosting, there’s still one more benefit to be had post-orgasm: the lull of relaxation. Women in particular have even more to gain; one study of female orgasms reported that the part of the brain that monitors fear and anxiety lessens during climax. If you have trouble falling asleep when you’re stressed, it may be worth it to consider a solo session or some spontaneous “midnight snack” sex.

As if you needed more reasons to have an orgasm a day! The benefits to your body and mind are numerous – and they’re so much fun to activate. Whether you indulge on your own or share the orgasmic wealth with your partner, liven things up with just the right adult sex toys and erotic lingerie.

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