What’s All the Hype About the Rabbit Vibrator? And should you be using one?

You can’t really have a conversation about a rabbit vibrator without some mention of Sex and the City, because the iconic sex toy made its debut in a 1998 episode, cleverly titled “The Turtle and the Hare.”  In it, Miranda initially suggests that Charlotte try a rabbit vibrator, and Samantha quips, “Oh, come on. If you’re going to get a vibrator, at least get one called the Horse.” But the rabbit ends up being so powerful that Carrie and Miranda have to literally drag Charlotte out of bed after she fell down the rabbit hole, so to speak.  So today the experts from the best adult store Tampa are sharing information about this sex toy wonder.

What is a rabbit vibrator?

A rabbit vibrator is a dual-action sex toy that can allow for penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time. And having both of those options for play can make the possibilities infinite, according to the user manual. That might explain why, almost 20 years later, the Rabbit is still going strong.

Many people with vaginas require clitoral stimulation and penetration in order to orgasm, and the rabbit does both. While most women receive the most pleasure from clitoral stimulation, as it is more sensitive, internal pressure and vibrations can feel good, too. For many women, this combo of internal and external stimulation is what helps them achieve orgasm.

Most rabbit vibrators that we carry at our adult store are phallic-shaped, with an arm that protrudes out called the tickler, which is sometimes shaped like an actual bunny. Then, inside the shaft of the rabbit vibrator, there are encapsulated pearls that make the entire shaft rotate. If this all sounds too extra for you, that’s okay. There are some newer, less-intense versions without the pearls or the bunny-shaped tickler that might be more your speed.

How do I use a rabbit vibrator?

You might want to just start practicing with the first ever sex toys – your hands. You can have vaginal penetration with your fingers, and a little more clitoral stimulation from a vibrator or your hand. It’s like you were born with an entry-level rabbit, if you think about it.

Then, when you do want to use the rabbit, take your time to experiment, alone or with a partner. The features can be a little intimidating, so go one step at a time. Don’t feel like you have to insert the vibrator right away – have fun exploring all of your sensations, and the various speeds of vibration, and feel free to rub it on other parts of your body, such as your breasts.

Yes, the rabbit vibrates, and that alone can feel intense if you’re not ready for it. It could feel wonderful, but could also feel like too much stimulation. You may even want to turn off the vibes when you’re ready to insert it.

And be sure to use a lube! With devices like the rabbit vibrator, there’s so much going on that the thin skin around your genitals could get sore. In fact, the user manual has a warning that says you shouldn’t use it for more than 20 minutes at a time.  Need help choosing the right lube?)

Ready for your new vibrator?

Whether you consider yourself a Miranda or a Charlotte, or somewhere in between, the rabbit vibrator might be the sex toy you need to give your regular sex routine a little jump.  Why not visit the best adult store in Tampa today to get yours?

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