Sexology 101

Adult Gifts: How to Choose

This holiday, why not slip a few naughty items into each other’s stockings along with the other gifts? It’s the perfect way to give back to one another, and ladies, it could change your world.

Experts say that today’s women aren’t having the sex they want even though they’re inundated with sexual information, because they don’t understand how their bodies work.

A woman’s vaginal canal is approximately 6” long, and most of the nerves are located in the first third of it.   When a woman becomes aroused. it takes the area about 10 to 15 minutes to swell up with blood, and there’s a much bigger surface than men, which is why nearly every sex expert touts the importance of foreplay for satisfying sex.

So how can you both enjoy that foreplay? Toys! We’ve pulled together some options for every type of personality, because we know one size certainly doesn’t fit all in this area. Research shows that women love sex just as much as men, but the quality of that sex needs to change.

So here are some suggestions for every type of personality on your list; just use some discretion when it comes to where they open it!

For those with a lot of room: Not everyone has space for sex furniture, but for those who do, a ramp-like device can be very useful. There are numerous options, all of which have a different sexual impact on the body during sex.

For the control freaks: A whip gives a sense of control in the bedroom – for those who like that – and using one that isn’t too abrasive can be a great one to start with.

For those who travel a lot: Some people don’t want to leave home without their vibrator, but they’re worried about getting caught with it by the airport scanner. Choose a small compact bullet-type vibrator that can fit in your purse or carry-on.

For the “50 Shades of Grey” enthusiast: This is the stuff that’s become quite popular thanks to the books and movie, “50 Shades of Grey.” Why not try out some high-quality cuffs to test your own boundaries.

For the new mom: Alright, it may not be the sexiest gift, but Kegel exercisers can help with those exercises you always hear about, whether it’s during or after pregnancy or just to have stronger orgasms.

For the flexible ones: Yes, we’ve all heard about the popular sex sling, but for those who have thought to themselves that they could create some pretty exciting positions, this could be the gift for them.

For the high-tech lovers: Why not get a couple’s vibrator that can be used whether you’re together or apart. You and your partner can connect in new exciting ways whether you’re in the same room or on a different continent by downloading the app.

For the fun and adventurous people: Cleanliness notwithstanding, it can be a lot of fun to throw caution to the wind and get messy with flavored lube and lotions. The fun, of course, is in licking them off.

For the gamer: Not everyone wants to explore new positions through experimentation, which is why sex games can make it even hotter. Get ready to roll the dice!

For the clean freak: Whatever gift you choose, be sure to include a toy cleaner to help them keep their adult toys clean and sanitary.

Ready…set…cum shop!