Sexology 101

9 Ways To Sex Up Your Christmas

When you think about it, all the decadence and pleasure included in Christmas make it a particularly sexy holiday. So many yuletide activities – such as eating chocolates, spending time in front of a roaring fire, gift-giving – naturally lead to romantic moments.

If you’re fortunate to be in love, though, how do you boost the Christmastime passion? We can think of at least 9 ways for you and your partner to put the “X” in X-MAS this year.

  1. Dress up like Santa. There’s a variety of Christmas-specific lingerie, so why not dance to your favorite Christmas song in a Santa-inspired outfit? Your lover will be jingling your bells in no time. And in case you didn’t already know it, the color red has been proven to get people aroused.
  1. Make your significant other a customized sexy Christmas card. Why not write out sweet (dirty) nothings of what you plan to really give him/her for Christmas? Add a sexy picture of you in some seductive lingerie and you’ve got the perfect holiday card. Just make sure it’s not on the mantle with your other cards for everyone to see!
  1. Make a sexy pinup calendar. Put on your sexiest lingerie, take 12 pics of your 12 most seductive poses and make a sexy pinup calendar. Make your lover anxious for each month to be over so he can see the next photo.
  1. Give your significant other something sexxxy. A couples’ massage kit or couples’ vibrator could just do the trick.
  1. Hang up some mistletoe! It’s easy to lose site of intimacy when you’re busy, but with this reminder hanging above the doorways into your living room and bedroom, you’ll be making out time and time again this holiday season.
  1. Sit down by the fire. Getting hot literally makes you hot. We dare you to not get turned on when lying in front of a roaring fire with your lover whether at your place, at a bar or at a ski lodge.
  1. Make sure you have your own intimate Christmas celebration. If you’re spending far too much time with family and not just with each other around Christmas, it can affect the libido. Make sure you and your significant other have your own Christmas celebration. Exchanging your gifts in private is also important (especially, if you followed suggestion #2, #3 or #4).
  1. When visiting family, stay at a hotel. Many couples have a hard time enjoying sex when they know that family members are sleeping in the next room. Why not book a room at a local hotel and forego staying with family? Besides, hotel sex is extremely hot! Take along some of your favorite sex toys and make it extra exciting.
  1. Sleep in on Christmas morning. Give each other your first – and best – Christmas gift of the day. Hey, if you don’t get to items #1 through #8, then all you need is time to get naked together in bed and “sleep in.”

Have a Merry (Sexy) Christmas!