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8 Ways You Can Make Sex Less Painful Feeling some type of physical pain during intercourse is extremely common.

Feeling some type of physical pain during intercourse is extremely common. In fact, according to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, nearly three out of four women experience painful sex at some point in their lives. But there are ways to make sex less painful.

Though it might make you feel slightly better to know you’re not alone, this fact likely offers little comfort when you’re dealing with muscle aches due to a position that doesn’t work for your body, irritation or burning on your skin, or a gynecologic condition.Today we’re sharing eight ways you can make sex less painful.

Take things very slowly.

Some people can just go right into sex as soon as the opportunity presents itself, but others require a lot of foreplay before they’re ready. There is nothing wrong with this, but if you start having sex before you’re sufficiently turned on, you might feel pain, especially when it comes to penis in vagina intercourse. You can make sex less painful by engaging in at least 20 minutes of foreplay to adequately prepare your body.

Don’t skip the lube if you want to make sex less painful.

Vaginal dryness can occur even if you’re completely ready to go. This is where lube comes in, so you’ll want to snag a silicone- or water-based lubricant, particularly one without harsh chemicals or fragrances so that you won’t risk irritating your genitals or skin. (Read: How to Choose a Lubricant for Both Pleasure and Safety.)

Find out if you have allergies or other health conditions.

If you’re feeling itchiness, burning, or irritation down below, you could be dealing with a number of health issues, so you’ll want to check with your doctor. An itchy rash or hives can be symptoms of a latex allergy, as can vaginal irritation or burning.

Experiment with a different position.

Some positions are more likely to cause pain during sex, which means you might need to get creative. Positions that allow for deep thrusting are often more painful for women, while those that allow the woman more control of the pace are often helpful if you’re experiencing painful sex. Experiment with different positions to see which ones feel the most comfortable for you and your body.

Change things up entirely.

If you’ve tried different positions to make sex less painful but are still experiencing discomfort, try using props, pillows, or sex toys to make things feel better. Getting a bit creative can help you explore new options while also helping to reduce pain. (Read: How to Use Sex Furniture)

Create a sex-positive environment.

For many people, it can be hard to fully relax and enjoy the moment, which leads to tension in our bodies during sex. Playing relaxing music, lighting candles, and keeping a comfortable temperature and linens can all truly help you feel more at ease.

Take a time out from intercourse.

It might sound obvious, but pain can often be a signal that your body needs a break. Sometimes, all it takes is a little exploration of your bodies to figure out what works best, without pressure to climax or have full-on sex.

Speak openly with your partner.

No matter the reason you’re experiencing pain during sex, talking it out with your partner is a great way to help get you to a place where you’re both enjoying sex, without wincing in pain.

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