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7 Pleasurable Ways to Use Sex Lube If you've never use sex lube on your favorite vibrator, you're seriously missing out.

Lube is the unsung hero of sex. From easing uncomfortable rubbing to rescuing you when a condom gets dry, there’s no limit to what it can add to sex. And no, you do not need to be post-menopausal to use sex lube – it is for literally everyone. And there are tons of ways to use it!

While lubrication can be made from water, oil, petroleum, or silicone, water-based lube is usually your best bet. It’s safe to use with condoms, and it’s easily washed away. If you’re prone to yeast infections, use a water-based product made without glycerin. Read: How to Choose a Lubricant for Both Pleasure and Safety.

So here are 7 ways to use sex lube to your advantage.

Use it when you masturbate. 

Yes, even sex with yourself can be improved with lube. If you have dry hands, you don’t need to use a moisturizing lotion that could contain unwanted chemicals, especially inside you. Just apply a few drops to your finger before touching yourself for a smoother feel.

Use sex lube when you masturbate with a vibrator

Imagine the electrifying pulse of your favorite vibrator hitting all the right spots. Now imagine using that same toy to gently glide over your clitoris with the same power, but a totally different, more fluid sensation. A dab of lube on a vibrator is a total game-changer.  Read: How to Use a Vibrator for the First Time.

Use it during vaginal intercourse. 

There’s no wrong way to use sex lube during intercourse. You can apply it directly to your body, or to the penis or condom itself. Start with a dime-size dollop and work up from there.

Use sex lube inside the condom. 

If your partner is looking for more ways to increase feeling while being protected, add a little lube to elevate the sensitivity inside the latex. If you put a drop or two inside the condom before you unroll the it, you might unlock a world of feeling.

Use it during anal intercourse. 

While you might hit a limit during vaginal intercourse, that ceiling will be much higher with anal sex, because the anus does not create its own lubricant like a vagina does. So use sex lube freely – too much is never enough down there. Read: How to Have Anal Sex That Doesn’t Hurt.

Use it during a blow job. 

This might sound counterintuitive, but it’s true! Women often use spit, but it can be hard to muster up enough. A flavored lube provides enough wetness that your jaw won’t get as tired. Read: How to Give Him the Best Blowjob Ever.

Use it for a sexy massage. 

Since any good-quality lube is body-safe, why not try it during nonsexual foreplay? Using it for a sexy back massage can take things from relaxing to electrifying. Read: How to Give Your Woman a Massage That Will Leave Her Begging For More.

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