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7 Best Positions For Springtime Sex It's the first day of will you celebrate?

Spring is finally here! Many people often feel less sluggish and more energetic in the spring, and if you’re the same way, there’s no reason you shouldn’t mix things up in the bedroom to match.

Seriously, during the darker days of winter it’s usually about positions that you can do under a duvet. But when the sun starts to shine a little bit earlier, lovers start itching to be outside, to be moving, just to be more active generally.

So it’s time to include sex positions that let you use some of that extra energy. While spooning and laying cuddled up is perfect during the winter months, in the spring you may want to be a bit more wild and, frankly, remember what each other actually looks like naked.

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or looking for a spring break fling, it’s a fun and silly season where you should be able to start moving outside of your comfort zone again.

Here are the best sex positions for spring, because it’s all about starting to challenge yourself a bit.

Position #1: Legs Up

How To Do It: Start in legs-up missionary and then have your partner sit back onto their knees. You may need to adjust your legs to find a comfortable position and definitely consider using a pillow to protect your lower back.

Why It’s Great For Spring: It’s definitely not your normal missionary position, so it’s great for coming out of your shell. Plus, you’ll get really, really, deep penetration.

Position #2: Doggy

How To Do It: You know the drill — on all fours, while our partner kneels in between your legs. The trick here is to play with how close or far away your knees are to vary the snugness and decide what fun to have with your extra hand.

Why It’s Great For Spring: There’s finally some energy in the air again and people are feeling friskier, so this classic, animalistic style is perfect.

Position #3: The Cross

How To Do It: Your partner lies on their side while you lie on your back, perpendicular to each other. Slowly edge your way down toward your partner and put your legs over theirs while you guide them inside you.

Why It’s Great For Spring: It’s definitely not an under-the-blanket for winter position. You’re both out there, getting amazing views of each other— and there’s great clit play.

Position #4: Woman On Top

How To Do It: Straddle your partner and slowly lower yourself down. You can lean forward and place your arms in front or lean backward and still use your arms to brace yourself. Either way, enjoy being in control.

Why It’s Great For Spring: Come out of your shell with a bang. It’s a take-charge position for getting what you really want, so it’s perfect for spring.

Position #5: Standing

How To Do It: Stand with your legs hip width apart — you should feel stable — and slowly bend over. Your partner stands behind you and, holding your hips for stability, enters you from behind. Lube and being close to a wall can make this a smoother transition.

Why It’s Great For Spring: Hop out of bed, throw off the blankets, and go for it. It’s an active, sexy position that will make you feel like sexperts.

Position #6: In A Chair

How To Do It: Your partner sits in a chair and you lower yourself onto them. It’s great for bouncing and grinding — and you can even switch it up by facing away from your partner.

Why It’s Great For Spring: Why should you be limited to the bedroom? This position will take you places, plus it’s still intimate with face-to-face contact.

Position #7: X Marks The Spot

How To Do It: Lay on the bed, a table — anything so you’re about hip height with your partner. As they stand up and enter you, cross your legs and rest them on your chest. Play around with how tight you have them crossed, because there are a lot of different sensations.

Why It’s Great For Spring: You can get amazing views of each other and it’s a really tight position that still give you easy access for clit play. It’s all about coming out of your shell.

The days are finally getting longer and we’re starting to get some vitamin D and feel human again, so it’s time to get a little more active in the bedroom. Spring is here!

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