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4 Benefits from Using Sex Toys After Having a Baby From pelvic floor muscles to getting back in the swing of things with your body again, sex toys can be the solution to a number of worries.

Sex toys are obviously great for a number of reasons, from upping your masturbation game to promoting body confidence. And, it turns out that they can also be beneficial to people who’ve just given birth.

Love, fear, joy and fatigue are some of the things new parents are feeling in the weeks and months after having a baby. After all, you have just squeezed something the size of a watermelon out of your vagina, so it’s not hard to understand the complete rollercoaster of emotions that comes with the aftermath of pregnancy.

From pelvic floor muscles to getting back in the swing of things with your body again, sex toys can be the solution to a number of worries.

Sex toys can help you get to know your body again.

If you’re struggling with positive self-image and reconnecting with your body, easing yourself back in to feeling like a sexual being again with lubricants and bullet vibrators is a good place to start. A body wand can be used on a gentle setting with some vitamin E cream on stretch marks and bruising and help bring about circulation and healing to the area.

Sex toys can prepare your mind (and body) for sex with a partner again.

After having a child, things may feel different between you and your partner, plus, you’re full of hormones telling you to be happy one minute and sad the next. However, once your body is on the mend, you can focus on physically bonding with your partner again.

This doesn’t have to include penetrative sex; after all, some couples will wait a few months before attempting to have penetrative sex again. Instead, manual and oral sex and picking out toys together can help you and your partner bond sexually. Experimenting with how you respond to the different stimuli on different parts of your body will help you reconnect with your partner, both mentally and physically.

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Sex toys can help reduce initial pain after childbirth.

While it’s not uncommon to experience pain during the first few attempts at sexual intercourse, beginning with a simple, bullet vibrator can help. Using it directly on your clitoris should help you get back into it.  Then progress to a slim vibrator to ease any initial pain. Using a vibrator can help to improve the tone and elasticity of the vaginal walls, improving sexual sensation for both yourself and your partner. (Read:  How to Use a Vibrator for the First Time)

Sex toys can help strengthen the vaginal walls and pelvic floor muscles. 

After childbirth, the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles can weaken, making experiencing an orgasm a little tricky or uncomfortable. Without any kind of pelvic floor training, this is likely to continue to be an issue. Sex toys can be used to keep the vaginal tissue flexible, preventing it from becoming too tight and promoting blood flow to the area to aid healing. (Read:  How to Do Kegel Exercises the Right Way)

You may already know what Ben Wa Balls are (if you’re a fan of the Fifty Shades of Grey series).  They are perfect for strengthening pelvic floor muscles; sex games aside.

The small, marbled-shaped balls are weighted to be held in place by your pelvic muscles. If your muscles are weak, the balls may fall out, but as you start to retrain your muscles, you will be able to hold them in longer, and this will result in stronger muscles.  (Read: Ultimate Guide to Ben Wa Balls)

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