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3 Sex Positions for Those Who Love to Give Be a giver!

Often, when brainstorming the perfect present for a loved one, the phrase “it’s the thought that counts” will come up. That saying definitely holds true if gift-giving is your love language. And it especially rings true in the bedroom. If you’re a giver, these prime sex positions involve an extra dose of care, attention, and thoughtfulness.

Gift-giving doesn’t always have to be a grand gesture. For a lot of gift givers and receivers, what’s important is the thought, time, and love that goes into the gift.

If your love language is gift-giving, you should brainstorm sex positions or moves the same way you would with any gift. Here are three sex positions that will simply keep on giving, no matter what the occasion is.


We suggest role-playing a spicy scenario, making a sexy video, venturing into bondage or giving a sensual massage. A hot way to incorporate massage is to adopt seated face-to-face sex positions.

One person sits on the other’s lap, with their legs curled behind their partner. Not only can your partner take time teasing all of your erogenous zones, but you also get to engage in some delicious eye contact and share in all of your partner’s reactions. Buy a massage candle and add some wax to your bedroom experience for an extra sensual touch.

The Draper

Have your partner sit on the edge of the bed and lay back with their legs draped down the edge. As you kneel between their legs, you are now in the perfect position to give fellatio or cunnilingus. You can change the pressure or intensity from this angle or bring a sex toy into the mix. Alternating between your mouth and a vibrator could be extra tantalizing for your partner. Or, if vibrating sex toys aren’t their thing, a butt plug or nipple clamps are sexy substitutes.

The Classic 69 Sex Positions

For some givers, giving can be as pleasurable as receiving and 69 is the perfect position for you to experience the joy of giving and receiving at the same time. Lay side-by-side with your partner with your face near their genitals and vice versa.

You can use your hands, lips, and tongue to stimulate each other. Don’t forget to play with the anus while you’re down there! If you and your partner want to get into anal sex, you have to remember that lube is key.

It’s undeniable that engaging in these three indulgent sex positions will have your partner excited and extra appreciative of your generosity, so go on and be a giver!

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