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3 Reasons You Should Buy Your Partner A Sex Toy For Christmas The Christmas gift-giving season is in full swing!

The Christmas gift-giving season is in full swing, and all manner of electronics are being promoted as the perfect presents. But one electric toy is conspicuously absent from most end-of-year gift guides: the sex toy. Following are some reasons why you should buy your partner a sex toy for Christmas this year.

Although a vibrator may not be on your partner’s Christmas wish list, you should buy them one. You’re probably running through a list of objections in your head: My partner would be offended. They’ll prefer the sex toy to me. But every one of your objections is misguided.

Your partner will not be offended if you buy him or her a sex toy for Christmas.

Your partner will most likely not be offended, as sex toys are so common that half of Americans have used them. And if they are offended that you want to improve your sex life with a vibrator, then you have a problem that’s way bigger than mere offense at the sight of a buzzing contraption.

Your partner won’t prefer a sex toy over you.

After all, sex toys can do things the human body cannot. But just because they can give your partner the multiple orgasms you’ve never been able to provide, it doesn’t mean they will abandon sex with you. Research shows that over two thirds of men are not intimidated by vibrators. In fact, women may like their partners even more because they are the ones who gave them the gift of endless sexual pleasure by purchasing a vibrator.

Just because you satisfy each other doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a sex toy for Christmas.

While you may not need a sex toy in the way that you don’t need an LCD TV or a Cuisinart, a sex toy can enhance your sex life in the same way that watching your favorite shows on a high-quality screen makes the experience more enjoyable than watching it on your smartphone. If you can enhance your sex life with a consumer product—more pleasure, more orgasms, more fun—why wouldn’t you? Is sex somehow less valuable than other forms of entertainment?

A vibrator, dildo, or male masturbator can help you and your partner bridge the fact that women have fewer orgasms during intercourse than men; vibrators allow women to have orgasms faster and more frequently. It can make sex with the same partner more novel, which in turn makes it more fun. Even if your partner only uses the toy for masturbation, it can help them discover what they enjoy sexually and share that knowledge with you.

But perhaps the most important thing about using a sex toy with a partner is this: It makes you talk to each other about your sexual likes and dislikes. Few couples discuss sex enough, so if a vibrator can help you communicate your sexual desires, then it is well worth the price of buying a sex toy for Christmas.

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