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10 Secrets Guys Won’t Tell You About Sex Toys Tampa You might be surprised to know what he's hesitant to talk about!

Guys are often less likely to discuss sex toys than their female counterparts.  Today we’re breaking down the top 10 things that men typically don’t want to talk about with their partner when it comes to sex toys Tampa.

  1. If he even owns a sex toyThere’s a double standard in place here. Guys might less comfortable owning or talking about sex toys Tampa, but vibrators and dildos don’t have that same stigma for women. And it’s rather unfair for men in the long run, because there’s a lot of sex toys for men that can make sex a lot more fun. So don’t be surprised if this isn’t something that comes up – it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not into it.
  2. He might be a little skeptical about bringing them into the bedroom. Since guys generally have less experience with adult toys, it’s possible he could be shy to start throwing anal beads and cock rings around your bed. Be prepared for him to start feeling self-conscious, and remember that it might be best to introduce them to him slowly with some small stuff before breaking out the big guns.
  3. He might be jealous of your vibrator.He knows how strange this sounds, but sometime you can’t justify a feeling. Plenty of guys don’t care how you get off when they’re not around, but when they come face-to-face with plastic that can do what they do and recharges, it’s easy to feel a little threatened. It’s especially true if he has a hard time getting you off in the first place. Deep down he knows nothing can replace a thoughtful, giving partner, but it’s helpful to remind of him.
  4. He might also see it as a way to “cheat” at sex. On the opposite end of the spectrum, he might love incorporating your vibrator if he’s feeling lazy. This is the first step on the path to truly embracing your vibrator.
  5. He’s curious how you clean all this stuff. Is it dishwasher safe? Do you give it a good soak? Do you just not clean it? Are there special wipes involved? And what about upkeep? What goes into that? (Have him read our blog: How to Clean and Maintain Your Sex Toys. Then send him in to buy some of our Toy Cleaners!)

Five More Things Men Won’t Discuss About Sex Toys Tampa

  1. And the ceremony behind it.Guys typically begin masturbating when they’re hanging around and realize their hand is already down their pants. It’s very spontaneous, nut it seems like there’s a very deliberate action in getting out your vibrator. Do you go right into that? Do you warm yourself up and then decide it’s time? He has a lot of questions.
  2. He probably doesn’t want to be “surprised” mid-session. It’s not the best idea to surprise your partner with a sex toy, especially if you plan on using it on him. Talk it out first to make sure he’s into it.
  3. He thinks you masturbating is hot. You may not have thought much about how he self-pleasures, but you’d be surprised at how much he’d be into just watching you. Seeing how turned on a sex toy makes you should be all the motivation he needs to get on board, fast.
  4. He’s curious how deep the practice of using sex toys Tampa will go.So you’ve got a vibrator? No big deal, that’s pretty common. But wait, are those nipple clamps? Is that a gag? Do I have the stamina for this?! He’ll probably be second-guessing himself a lot.
  5. People’s attitudes towards sex toys are all over the map. There are certain things that apply to that demographic in virtual totality, but with sex toys, some guys love them, some hate them, and some find them totally indecisive.

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