How to Set the Mood for Sensual Bedroom Sex

Sure there are plenty of tips for making your bedroom look good, but if you’re looking for love décor of a sexual nature, it can be challenging to find something that can really work magic. But our team at the best adult store in Tampa is here to help! When it comes to bedroom sex, it’s less about the furnishings and more about the little elements that make a room more sensual.

If you and your partner have been together for a while, bedroom sex can become boring and predictable. But just like everything else in life, if you really want to keep the excitement and the anticipation alive, you need to continually create new experiences in the bedroom.

Here are a few bedroom tips – compliments of the best adult store in Tampa – that can help bring the sizzle back into your bedroom. Just make sure you use these tips at least once every week along with other fantasies and sexual role playing, and you’ll have a satisfying sex life that’s full of variety and excitement.

Go out. The first few weeks of a new relationship are always unique and exciting. You have to try and recreate that uniqueness as often as you can even as the years pass by. To ensure that you create unique sensual memories, do something that’ll bring both of you closer sexually. You could go out for a romantic, quiet dinner or you could go clubbing and let the power of PDA warm both of you up.

Lighten the mood. When it comes to the bedroom, always remember that softer, mellow lighting is always better to help set the mood. When you use lighting that resembles a burning fireplace, you feel warmer and calmer.

Music Sets the Mood. Sometimes, silence can be a big distraction in bed. Nothing beats music in bed to bring the rhythm back into love and songs always help keep the motion on.

Add some sexy scents. There’s no sensual bedroom sex without scented candles, fragrances and oils. Foreplay is rather important for prolonged sex, and women love a man who can indulge in a bit of long foreplay. But if one of you isn’t a big fan of building the momentum up, scented body oils are a great way to prolong the act of sex.

Don some sexy lingerie. Great sex is about the sensation, but you can always heighten the sensation with appealing attire. Always dress up for bed, even if the clothes come off in a few minutes. Wear lacy lingerie or loose silk robes that reveal, but not completely. Tempt your partner and arouse them, but don’t reveal all until you’re already in the act.

Add some aphrodisiacs. It doesn’t matter if it’s strawberries, chocolate syrup or edible body paint, as long as you bring something into bed.

The bedroom is one of the most common places to have sex, but if you can turn that monotonous bedroom sex into something exciting and unique, why not use it and bring the spark back?

Break out the toys! Using sex toys in bed can be a lot of fun for both of you, especially when you’re not used to watching your partner play or work with a toy. Using toys in bed is an exciting way to watch a partner getting turned on and can provide a voyeuristic angle to sex.

Provide a comfortable base. You’d be surprised to see how many people end up having uncomfortable sex because their bed isn’t comfortable enough. To heighten the pleasure of sexual intercourse, stop by the best adult store in Tampa to check out our selection of sex furniture.

So there you have it…go forth and sexy up your bedroom tonight!

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