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How To Make Your Woman Orgasm Multiple Times

Getting a woman to orgasm can be challenging. Their partner needs to know the right spot to ensure she has one – or more. And there are some women who do not ever get an orgasm, however hard their partners try, which is quite unfortunate.

If you care about your girlfriend’s pleasure and satisfaction, then read on. We’re giving you a list of 5 ways to make your girl orgasm not just once – but multiple times.

  1. Engage in extensive foreplay. One of the best ways to get your woman to orgasm is by engaging in extensive foreplay. Some people hardly indulge in any foreplay and want to move straight to the intercourse. This is what most selfish lovers do. However if you cherish your girl’s pleasure equally, you have to invest some time in foreplay and turn her on as much as possible.
  2. Stay relaxed.  You and your girl need to be relaxed. You could just sit on the bed and talk something sexy before you begin. Set up the mood…light scented candles and dim the lights. Relax and breathe. Make her feel comfortable. Women get turned on when the mood set is right and they are not under any pressure. 
  3. Focus on spots that arouse her the most. If you really want her to orgasm multiple times, make sure you focus on all those spots that you know arouse her. Usually a woman’s weak spots are her ears, neck, back and obviously the clitoris. So put your tongue and fingers to good use.
  4. Use ample lubrication. Women sometimes get vaginal soreness. So after she has reached orgasm once, make sure you use lube so that the second time she is not dry down there and there is no pain. Lubes are great for those times when you are going to have sex for a longer time.
  5. Take a short break after the first orgasm. After a girl has achieved an orgasm, she is bound to feel a little drained. Orgasms lead to a surge in blood flow, which can make a woman feel tired. Use this time to cuddle, give kisses and hugs or indulge in some romantic small talks. This will not kill the mood entirely and you two can be back to having sex within few minutes.

These are the 5 foolproof ways to make your girlfriend achieve an orgasm. It might take some time for some women to achieve  an orgasm, however with these simple steps, it will get easier.


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