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How to Use Under the Bed Restraints

If you get excited just by the idea of tying up your partner – or being tied up – but don’t have the skills needed for proper rope bondage, you don’t have to live with unfulfilled fantasies.

With the Under the Bed Restraint System by Sportsheets, you can enjoy all your kinky desires with less hassle and stress. Here’s what you need to know so you can get right to the fun!

Why Choose Under the Bed Restraints?

The simple answer is because it’s easy. Once you set them up, getting tied up is as easy as putting on handcuffs. You don’t have to worry about tying knots properly or putting a rope or bondage tape in the right spot. Just clip your partner in and have fun.

The other reason to choose under the bed restraints is that it stores away so easily. When you’re finished playing, just tuck the straps under the bed. If you choose, you may remove the cuffs to store someplace else or leave them attached. Like kinky hotel sex? Bring your straps with you – they travel well and are easy to install.

Setting Up Your Under the Bed Restraints

The Under the Bed Restraint System by Sportsheets has 60” long adjustable straps. Simply measure the width of your bed and adjust the straps to fit perfectly. Then hook the individual straps to the connector and extend them to each corner of the bed. If you’re going to use both the ankle and wrist cuffs, repeat this with all four straps. But you’re only using wrists or ankles, only connect the straps you need.

Pull the straps over the top of the mattress and hook the cuffs to each. Whichever one of you will be tied up first should lie on the bed and stretch their legs and arms to reach the cuffs. This lets you make last-minute adjustments in the length of the straps. Place each cuff around their ankles and wrists, according to how you want to use them. The partner who is bound should test how much movement they have and to find what’s most comfortable for them.

You both might enjoy the idea of difficulty moving or a little pain but being restrained should not cause serious discomfort. Testing the fit is a crucial step in setting up your under the bed restraints. Once you’ve completed this, your restraints will be ready whenever you are.

How to Play With Under the Bed Restraints

Now that your under the bed restraints are set up, it’s time to enjoy them however you and your partner like. Make sure you discuss what you want to try and explore in a consensual way. If you need a few ideas, try these!

Sensual Tease: Once your partner is tied to the bed, they’re at your mercy, so take the opportunity to surprise them with sensual touch instead of something rough. Run your fingers over every inch of their skin and linger on their erogenous zones. It all depends on how much of a tease you want to be. You can use ticklers, feathers, and your hands to create new sensations on their skin.

Add a Blindfold: Your partner is already in your control because they can’t move, so why not add another layer of power by taking away their sight, too? A blindfold will keep them guessing about whether you’re adding pleasurable pain or keeping things sensual.

Sex and Sex Toys: Sex can be anything you want it to be, and sex toys are made for lovers to enjoy together. Use them to increase your partner’s orgasmic pleasure or to tease them until they’re begging for release. You can ride your partner until you both orgasm, or hold a high-powered vibrator to sensitive parts of their body. Either way, you’re in control of your mutual pleasure.

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