Everything You Need to Know About Sex Toy Care and Cleanliness

Everything You Need to Know About Sex Toy Care and Cleanliness

From maintenance to materials, here are the basics on keeping things safe and sexy.

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When choosing and caring for a sex toy, there are a few things to consider regarding safety.

The sex toy business is hot, hot, hot. Current estimates say it is a nearly $30 billion industry — and that could jump to more than $50 billion by 2026. These days, everyone is in on the action, from solo users to couples, millennials to baby boomers. Physicians even recommend sex toys for health purposes.

Sex toy safety, however, isn’t always top of mind, although experts say it should be. For one, the sex toy industry isn’t regulated by watchdogs groups like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or Consumer Product Safety Commission, which means there is no one ensuring that toys are safe. And sex toys are, of course, used in very intimate ways.

So how can you protect yourself while enjoying all of the fun that sex toys have to offer? Here are five crucial safety tips every savvy sex toy consumer should be aware of.

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1 Know What Materials Your Toys Are Made Of

illustration of DEHP phthalate plasticizer molecule

DEHP phthalates plasticizer molecules are commonly used to make plastic flexible.

Although there is not scientific literature analyzing the body safety of various sex toy materials, there are some materials that consumers may choose to avoid. Some toys are made with phthalates. These chemicals, which are present in some plastics, have been banned for use in such products as children’s toys and pacifiers because they may disrupt human hormones. The FDA says it is unclear what (if any) impact phthalates have on human health. But if you have made a personal decision to avoid them elsewhere in your life — for example, your cosmetics —  it is important to know they could be lurking in your sex toys.

Many products state they are phthalate-free, but because the industry is largely unregulated, no outside organization checks the veracity of those claims. So one thing to keep in mind is whether the toys you are using are soft and jellylike. Phthalates are used as softeners. They are more likely to be present in squishier toys, made from more porous materials.

Porous sex toys are also “more likely to transmit infection,” says Alyssa Dweck, MD, a gynecologist based in Westchester County, New York, and author of The Complete A to Z for Your V. That is because their surfaces are more permeable.

That does not mean there is any research literature out there that says jellylike sex toys are inherently unsafe, but it is something to be aware of.

2 Wash — and Dry — Your Sex Toys Regularly

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Like, really regularly. “Sex toys should be cleaned between every sex act and in between every partner,” Dr. Dweck says.

You probably know that sexual activity increases a woman’s risk for urinary tract infections (UTI); you may not realize that the bacteria that cause a UTI live in the area around the anus. Sex increases the chances that the nearby bacteria migrate into a woman’s urethra, where they can multiply and trigger a UTI.

UTI prevention calls for strict genital hygiene, which includes keeping anything that comes into contact with sensitive areas as germ-free as possible. That’s why Planned Parenthood’s website warns, “Anything that touches or goes into your anus — like a finger, penis, or sex toy — should be thoroughly washed before touching other genitals.”

Toys can also spread infections, including sexually transmitted infections (STIs), because they can retain bacteria and viruses. Dweck recalls a patient who was baffled by why she kept getting trichomoniasis, a common, curable STI. “She was wondering, Why do I keep getting this? As it turns out, she wasn’t cleaning her toy properly,” Dweck says. Her patient was essentially reinfecting herself every time she used her vibrator.

Rachel Hoffman, a New York–based social worker with Union Square Practice who specializes in sexuality and intimacy, says she has seen similar things happen to clients who have ended up with recurrent yeast infections.

In addition, sex toys can get covered in dust and other particles while they’re stored.

Your toy’s manufacturer should be your first stop for washing instructions. Some toys can go in the dishwasher, for example. Others cannot.

“Most products will tell you specifically how to wash them,” says Hoffman. Though both she and Dweck say that if you are unsure of your toy’s exact instructions, soapy warm water is a good place to start.

And be careful to dry them, too. Damp toys can grow mold.

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3 Consider a Condom to Reduce the Risk of Infection

yellow blue and magenta condoms on white

“Condoms most certainly should be used to cover phallic-shaped toys for people who are sharing toys with a partner,” Dweck says. That is because even if you diligently clean your toys, there is still a chance of transmitting infection. A study published in November 2014 in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections found traces of the human papillomavirus on vibrators a full day after they’d been used and cleaned.

Dweck adds that the condom should be switched out if you change the body parts coming into contact with the toy, so from oral use to vaginal use, for example.

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4 Use Sex Toys as Intended and Skip Household Items

illustration of bananas and cucumbers

When you get a new sex toy, take time to read the directions. If you are new to sex toys, ease in slowly, Dweck says, and stop if anything feels uncomfortable. Dweck also urges people to avoid using household items as sex toys. She has seen patients who have used cucumbers and bananas, for example.

“We’ll often see people use cell phones on vibrate or electric toothbrushes,” Dweck adds. “What comes up with this? Well, the batteries may not be encased properly, so you can have some sort of caustic reaction as a result of that.”

Food products, on the other hand, can be fairly porous, which means they can carry bacteria and potentially cause infection.

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5 Buy From a Credible Company

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The sex toy industry is growing by the day, which means it can be a challenge to vet the safety of what you’re buying. Experts say to start by researching reputable manufacturers and to look for companies that are transparent about their products. If a manufacturer provides detailed information about the materials it’s using and specifics on how to use and clean its toys, that is a good start.

“A lot of people are now buying from places like Amazon, but it can be hard to know what you are getting unless you are very well versed in products,” says Hoffman. If you are looking to shop at an online retailer instead of buying in person, do some research into what customers are saying online about the products through verified reviews.

An overall good rule of thumb for sex toys and safety? Listen to your body.

“If you’re feeling any sort of discomfort,” Hoffman says, “like itchiness, burning, anything, it’s not the right one.”

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Trying Long Distance Toys

Trying Long Distance Toys

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3 Ways to Have Fun with Sex Furniture

If your only experience with having good sex is lying flat on the bed, bent over a table, or standing in the shower, you’re missing out on a lot of fun. You can have fun with sex furniture — from swings to wedges — to make any kind of sex you have more exciting and better in a lot of ways.

Here’s how to add more fun with sex furniture to your life.

Get Kinky in New Ways

One person’s kinky sex is another person’s vanilla sex which means there’s no single way to explore kink. But the flexibility and support of sex furniture definitely makes it a lot easier.

Play with orgasm control while your partner is strapped into a sex swing. Explore different sensations — pain, heat, cold, sensual massage, etc. — from multiple angles. Use a strap-on harness and dildo for penetration fun while a sex wedge helps you get into the perfect position. Pick swings, swings, and other equipment that includes cuffs for bondage fun. Add a blindfold or a ball gag for even kinkier fun.

You can use swings and wedges as part of role-play fun or to add heat and spice to your usual sexy fun. Play with power and control or try kinky toys and positions you never have before.

Try New Sexual Positions to Have Fun with Sex Furniture

The overwhelming purpose of having fun with sex furniture is to help you have sex in a different position. The piece of furniture you pick will determine how much (or little) you can switch up your positions.

Sex slings and swings let you or your partner sit up or lie back completely, suspended by straps. Wedges let you reposition your body in ways your joints or muscles might not normally allow.

The angles of genitals to genitals or mouth to genitals changes and becomes easier than ever to have fun with sex furniture. With the right wedge or sling, you can finally get your body to move in ways that allow you to experiment with sex and pleasure in a new way.

Take a Load Off

Sex slings and swings take all the weight off your body, but especially your limbs and joints. They also make it easier for your partner to reach parts of your body from different angles, like sitting underneath your body during oral sex.

Sex wedges support your body so that you can hold a position longer. Want to get into doggy style but your knees can’t handle it? Placing your torso on a wedge takes the weight off the rest of your body, especially your knees.

The main benefit of sex furniture is that whatever kind of sex you have becomes immediately more comfortable. You’re able to accommodate your body’s abilities and needs without sacrificing the activities — penetration, oral sex, fun with sex toys — you love the most.

Sex toys are all about playing and trying new things. Sexual pleasure is meant to be fun.  You can have fun with sex furniture as another way to level up your pleasure and play. With the right equipment, you’re not limited by your body’s capabilities. You can stretch your body, your limits, and your experiences in all-new ways. The perfect wedge or swing lets you explore sex in all-new ways and really get the most out of any intimate moment.

If you need help choosing some exciting sex furniture, our experts are here to help! We have the best and biggest selection of adult products in the area. Stop by the best adult store Tampa today to see our complete selection of adult toysadult apparel (including a wide variety of lingerie and dancewear), adult gamesfetish toys and props, and more!

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Best Tips for Using a Vibrator With Your Partner With their wide variety of pulses, styles, sizes and shapes, there are countless different ways for using your vibrator with a partner.

For years, women have enjoyed the vibrator as a trusted tool to produce orgasms. These days, many couples are using a vibrator together as part of their sexual pleasure. With their wide variety of pulses, styles, sizes and shapes, there are countless different ways for using a vibrator with your partner.

Include a Tantalizing Touch When Using a Vibrator With Your Partner

If your partner is unwilling to use the vibrator, start by using it as a massager. During the massage process, allow your partner to relax, as they lay back with their eyes closed. After a while, head to a sexy spot and set the vibrator on a low speed while you look for signs of excitement in your partner. As they begin to beg for more, you can vary the pressure and speed and bring it to the sexiest spot!

Alternate Pleasure

When using a vibrator with your partner, employ a mix of your natural lovemaking abilities and vibrator techniques to enhance each other’s pleasure. You can alternate stimulating the genitals with the vibrator, fingers and mouth. The changes in the various sensations will drive your partner wild!

Stealth Foreplay

There are numerous vibrators that couples can use to enjoy pleasure anywhere. Remote controls allow partners to enjoy a secret game of foreplay!

Vibrating Cowgirl

This may be challenging to pull off, and you need to have a good rhythm with each other. The lady should straddle the gentleman cowgirl style and while there, slide the vibrator between your two pelvises. The vibration should be right on the clitoris and highly pleasurable!

Vibrating Doggy

When making love doggy style, alternate the vibrator between the woman’s clitoris and the base of the man’s penis at low speeds. The handy models for this technique are the smaller bullet vibrators.

Don’t Neglect the Men

Traditionally, vibrators have been thought to be for ladies, but males can enjoy them, too! Stimulation of the anus or perineum will increase a man’s pleasure. After some foreplay, the vibrator can be placed at the base of the penis, behind the balls, as you stroke the organ with your hand or mouth.

It’s important to be careful when using a vibrator with your partner as sensitive areas can become overstimulated and raw. Share feedback with your partner and pay close attention to the way they respond.

We want our customers to experience all the pleasure that life and love can bring. Using a vibrator with your partner is a great way to get creative and spice things up in the bedroom, so stop by today to explore our great collection!

We have the best and biggest selection of adult products in the area. Stop by the best adult store Tampa today to see our complete selection of adult toysadult apparel (including a wide variety of lingerie and dancewear), adult gamesadult furniture, fetish toys and props, and more!

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5 Best Sex Positions For Female Orgasm

What are the best sex positions for female orgasm? Often forgotten in the rush for sexual pleasure between a male and a female partner is her orgasm. Most women do not climax from vaginal penetration alone, and even those who do need more than the thrust of a penis in and out of their body.

Using sex toys, finding the right angles, and using the right sexual position all contribute to whether one or both partners will experience an orgasm during sex.

Trying new positions can feel a little stressful for some people, but it doesn’t have to. Remember that sex is meant to be about fun and pleasure. Go into new experiments with a sense of adventure and the idea that even if it doesn’t work, part of the fun is in trying something new.

Climax doesn’t have to be the purpose for every intimate moment between you and a partner, but when you really want to get off, make sure you’re in the right position.

Best Sex Positions: Cowgirl

The vast majority of women experience orgasms when they try the cowgirl position. Essentially, you’re on top of your partner, facing them. You can bend forward or arch your back to change the angle, depending on what feels good to you. You also have the ability to control the pace and the grind of your groin against your partner’s.

Best Sex Positions: Spooning

Spooning is a very intimate sexual position. You and your partner lay on your sides, pressed against each other. He’s behind you, and your back is against his chest. With a slight tilt to your hips and pelvis, your partner penetrates your vagina from behind. For some people, the angle and position alone will be enough to hit your g-spot.

Best Sex Positions: Reverse Cowgirl

You’re on top of your partner again, but this time, you’re facing away – toward their feet. While you’re riding their cock, they get a view of your back and butt which can be a huge turn on for some people. This is a great position to increase pleasure for both of you.

Best Sex Positions: Scissors

Scissoring is a more advanced position and may take a little practice to find the right angle for you and your partner. To do it, two of you lay at an angle to each other with your legs intertwined. While you may “join” at the groin, your head is closer to his feet, and his head is closer to your feet. Play with the position of your legs and the angle of your pelvis to find the position that works best for both of you.

Best Sex Positions: Straddle

The straddle position allows you to lie back and experience pure pleasure at the hands of your partner. Your partner is on top, essentially straddling one of your legs while holding your other leg up. You can bend your knee and rest your foot on his shoulder, or you may want to keep your leg extended against his shoulder, whichever is most comfortable for you.

Remember, this is all about having fun and experiencing pleasure. Keep experimenting until you find the best sex positions that work for you. Have fun in your exploration!

Want to include toys in your play? We have the best and biggest selection of adult products in the area. Stop by the best adult store Tampa today to see our complete selection of adult toysadult apparel (including a wide variety of lingerie and dancewear), adult gamesadult furniture, fetish toys and props, and more!

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Why Sex Toys Are GREAT For Relationships! They're no longer taboo.

As society becomes more pleasure-positive, sex toys continue to make their way into bedrooms worldwide. Once, shady looking, poorly made objects that could only be found in shady places, they’ve come a long way. All you have to do is to walk into an adult store to realize how mainstream these products have become. But despite this, not everyone has invited sex toys into this their sex life. We need to change that. Here are some ways sex toys are great for relationships.

Sex toys lead to more communication. 

When you walk into a sex toy store, you have to talk about what you want to buy and why with your partner. If you’ve struggled in the past to communicate your sexual desires to your partner, being face-to-face with bed restraints or a butt plus that you want to try, the conversation finally gets started then and there.

Sex toys are great for relationships because they relieve the pressure.

If you suffer from performance concerns, you’re not alone. Men are just as worried about their ability to make a woman orgasm as women are anxious about being able to climax during sex. Introducing sex toys, particularly a couple’s sex toy like the We-Vibe Sync, into the bedroom will provide a level of confidence for both partners. This is especially the case for women who struggle to orgasm through intercourse alone.

Sex toys are great for relationships because they help intensify intimacy. 

When adding sex toys to your relationship, it releases further exploration into your sex life, which not only provides excitement but information about what both you and your partner enjoy sexually. And the more you learn about each other, the greater the intimacy between you. Intimacy, both inside and outside of the bedroom, is essential for a healthy and happy relationship.

Sex toys provide an entryway to other things. 

Everyone has sexual fantasies. Yes, everyone! Sex toys are a step toward fulfilling those fantasies because when you open your relationship to a toy, you’re opening up your mind. And once your mind starts wallowing in sex-positivity, you’ll find that you’ll both evolve sexually, and your relationship will be better for it.

Sex toys are great for relationships because they mean better sex. 

Sex toys, without a doubt, make for better sex, not just from a physical standpoint, but from an emotional standpoint as well. Whether you and your partner use toys that are specific for couples, or a vibrator that can be used solo, your sex life can only benefit from them.

Studies have confirmed that couples who have an awesome sex life are far more likely to have a happy relationship. Consider these reasons why sex toys are great for relationships, come visit us, and play away!!

We have the best and biggest selection of adult products in the area. Stop by the best adult store Tampa today to see our complete selection of adult toysadult apparel (including a wide variety of lingerie and dancewear), adult gamesadult furniture, and more!

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Top 3 Reasons To Avoid Cheap Sex Toys And 3 Reasons to Invest in Premium Sex Toys!

Most of us have owned one of those cheap sex toys that we either bought when we were drunk, was given to us as a gag gift or we bought it on a whim. And what happened to those cheap sex toys? They’ve probably either ended up in the trash because they stopped working right away or they are hidden in the back of a drawer. And worse than that, they might have even irritated your skin.

Top 3 Reasons To Avoid Cheap Sex Toys

Cheap Sex Toys Are Poor Quality

Have you ever experienced a sex toy that breaks while you’re using it or doesn’t work right when you take it out of the box? If you’re lucky enough to get it working again, it will probably have a hard time holding its charge or even overheat easily. After a couple of times, the cheap sex toys stop working altogether.

Cheap Sex Toy Are Constructed with Cut-Rate Materials

Have you ever suffered an allergic reaction to an adult toy or witnessed the material changing color or melting? That can happen because of the fillers and chemicals that are used to produce them so cheaply. And the cheaper plastics are very rigid and aren’t very enjoyable. Because they’re usually porous, bacteria can survive and remain in the sex toy.

Cheap Sex Toys Look Cheap

Many customers have told us that they purchased a sex toy online and when opening the box became so disgusted that they threw it out! Turns out that while they looked fine online, in person, they looked disgusting. Also, have you noticed that cheap sex toys all look alike? That’s because they come from the same factory production line. All they do is change the packaging and maybe tweak it here or there.

Why Buy High-Quality Premium Sex Toys?

Above are 3 top reasons why you shouldn’t buy cheap sex toys. So, what should you buy? High-quality premium sex toys, because they offer the following.

Better performance

The best sex toys have quieter, stronger motors that provide more stimulation and stronger orgasms. They also offer multiple settings and speeds, that deliver a wider variety during playtime.

Better materials

High-quality sex toys are made with the finest materials available, such as medical-grade plastic, glass, medical-grade stainless steel, and 100% medical-grade silicone. High-quality silicone is extremely soft and never rubbery. It is not porous, it is easy to clean, and will not smell like a new shower curtain.

Design and Research Matters

Many high-quality luxury sex toys are so discreet that you could leave them in full sight, and no one would guess what they were. Premium sex toy manufacturers spend a lot of money and time on research and development.

So, stop buying cheap sex toys. This is not a “bargain shop” purchase. It’s a purchase deserving of the best quality and a few extra dollars. Be mindful of what you are putting in your body because many of these toys and adult products are made with a lot of chemicals.

Quality comes at a price, and you will see right away that you pay for what you get. And our expert staff is here to help! We have the best and biggest selection of adult products. Stop by the best adult store Tampa today to see our complete selection of adult toysadult apparel (including a wide variety of lingerie and dancewear), adult gamesadult furniture, and more!

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