Bullets Vibrator Wand

Pretty Love Vibrator

Pretty Love Vibrator is a powerful one button vibe. You are able to use this toy internally or externally.

It is just small enough to use on your clit and also long enough to use on your G-spot.

Pretty Love Vibrator comes in three different models and colors.



Things To Consider When Buying A Vibrator

Adult Toys Vibrator Wand

Tiny Teasers Mini Vibes

Tiny Teasers Mini Vibes are mini vibe that are perfect for travel. You still have the power you need while you travel with this sex toy.

Because it is rechargeable, you will be able to charge on your laptop. Tiny Teasers Mini Vibes has 3 powerful speeds, and won’t let you down while you are on the go.

USB rechargeable. Available in Nubbs or Rabbit.

Adult Toys Vibrator Wand

Giga Luv Chairapsia

Giga Luv Chairapsia is a super power wand. Move over Bodywand, this rechargeable unit will blow your socks off!!

Chairapsia is a rechargeable wand that has the power of the limited plug in toy. You will enjoy 20 functions, with the ability to also change each function’s speeds.

You will have endless enjoyment because this sex toy is USB rechargeable. Giga Luv Chairapsia is also waterproof.

Stop by Tampa’s best adult store and ask one of our girls to show you one.

Adult Toys Vibrator Wand

Paul Wand Vibrator

Paul Wand Vibrator is a silicone wide head vibe. You will enjoy wider surface stimulation with this adult toy.

You will have nothing to worry about with this toy’s body safe silicone. Also, Paul Wand Vibrator has 30 mind blowing functions of vibe and pulse.

USB rechargeable, and is also waterproof.

Adult Toys Vibrator Wand

Chic Traditional Vibrator

Chic Traditional Vibrator is a traditional vibe with upgrades. You can throw away that old turn bottom vibe and upgrade to this 7 function delight.

Not only does this toy have 7 vibe and pulse functions, it also has an easy push button. You will never have to settle with the Chic Traditional Vibrator.

Available in Hot Pink and also Black.


Adult Toys Vibrator Wand

Twist My Heart Vibe

Twist My Heart Vibe is a 6″ silicone vibe. If you are looking for a traditional vibe with a twist, this is the toy for you.

You will have endless pleasure with this vibe’s 10 powerful functions. It has solid vibes, and also pulsation and ascension functions.

Twist My Heart Vibe takes a single AA battery, and is also waterproof. This adult toy comes in pink and purple.

Adult Toys Vibrator Wand

Lush Tulip Vibrator

Lush Tulip Vibrator is a slim rechargeable vibrator. You will find this powerful unit easy to travel with. It is 6″ long, and you also have 7 incredible functions to choose from.

The smooth silicone cover of the Lush Tulip Vibrator gives you an experience you will never forget.

This vibe is USB rechargeable. Lush Tulip Vibrator comes in Hot Pink as well as Purple.

Vibrator Wand

GigaLuv Orbital Wands

GigaLuv Orbital Wands are a silicone clitoral vibe. You will enjoy pleasure with this toy’s 9 pulse functions.

You will also have worry free fun because this toy’s silicone cover is body safe. GigaLuv Orbital Wands are waterproof so you can enjoy during shower time.

USB rechargeable. Orbital Wands come in Hot Pink and Black.


Adult Toys Vibrator Wand

Blush Aria Luminance

Blush Aria Luminance is a 10 function silicone vibe.  This vibe features a smooth, bulb shape that will give you a full and extra stimulating experience.

You also have your choice of 5 speeds and 5 pulses. Blush Aria Luminance is body safe because this toy is silicone .

Requires two AAA batteries.

Adult Toys Vibrator Wand

Bodywand Multi-Function Plug In

Bodywand Multi-Function Plug In is powerful and precise.  It features an extra long cord that gives you added play potential.

It has a smooth silicone head that delivers 8 functions of pleasure.  Because of the flexible head, it allows you to pleasure those hard to reach spots.

Bodywand Multi-Function Plug In also has one touch control for seamless use.