Adult Toys C-Ring

Optimale C-Rings

Optimale C-Rings is a set of 3 silicone rings. You have a choice of 1.6, 1.8, and 2 inch diameter. You may choose to just wear on on your shaft. Or, you may choose to wear one around the testes and over the shaft. You can wear 2 at the same time as well.

These rings can increase your longevity. And they can also give you a stronger look.

Optimale C-Rings is available in thick as well as thin.





Adult Toys C-Ring

Rooster Cock Rings

Rooster Cock Rings is a pack of 3 silicone c-rings. These rings will increase your longevity, while giving a fuller look.

Each pack gives you three sizes, S, M, as well as L. You can wear one or two at a time. One will go on the shaft. And another will go behind the testes and over the shaft.

Rooster Cock Rings come in both Black and Orange.

Adult Toys C-Ring

Big O Cock Ring

Big O Cock Ring is a USB rechargeable jelly cock ring. If he is a beginner, this is a great starter cock ring.

Made of jelly material, this vibe also has 3 speeds and a pulse mode.

Big O Cock Ring comes in blue as well as clear.

Adult Toys C-Ring

C-Ring & Finger Vibe Combo

C-Ring & Finger Vibe Combo is a true his and her set. Cock ring and finger harness are made of silicone that is body safe.

The bullet in this combo has 10 powerful vibe and pulse functions. This combo is also small and portable in a purse or carry on.

For him, put the vibe in the cock ring and have him put it on. He will experience the strong vibes, therefore stimulating him.

For her, put the vibe in the finger harness. This will allow you to control the vibe without the worry of dropping it.

C-Ring & Finger Vibe Combo is USB rechargeable. It comes in Blue as well as Purple.

Adult Toys C-Ring

Orny Cock Ring

Orny Cock Ring is a vibrating cock ring for him.

This cock ring is thick and made of SEBS. SEBS is a material that stretches like the jelly rings, but last longer.

The cock rings vibe has an easy on/off push button. Has the ability to also please her in certain positions.

Orny Cock Ring comes in Red, Blue, as well as Grey.

Adult Toys C-Ring Vibrator

OWOW Cock Ring

OWOW Cock Ring has a high speed motor that makes stronger vibes for increased pleasure.

This cock ring has 10 vibe and pulse modes. Covered with ticklers for added thrills. Snug-fit ring keeps you rock hard and helps you last longer.

O Wow’s design is to increase your pleasure. It can also please her in some positions.

This cock ring is made of a soft SEBS material. It is similar to the traditional jelly, but it last longer.

Waterproof for fun in the shower.

OWOW Cock Ring is also USB rechargeable.


Double O Cock Ring

Adult Toys C-Ring Vibrator

Ohare Silicone C-Ring Adult Toy

Ohare Silicone C-Ring is a comfort fit erection ring with soft, flexible rabbit ears. This cock ring will arouse you with 10 vibe and pulse functions. It will hug your shaft and has a second ring for your testes to hold unit securely in place. Additionally, this will pleasure your partner in some positions.

C-Ring bullet is USB rechargeable and will give you 2 hours of powerful pleasure that is mind blowing. Waterproof for shower and cleaning.

This hot little item is small enough that you can easily travel with it. Ohare comes in black only.

Ohare Silicone C-Ring has a 2 year manufacturer warranty.



Adult Toys C-Ring Vibrator

Overdrive Cock Ring

Overdrive cock ring will send you into ecstasy. This toy has 3 strong vibe modes that will stimulate you to the max.

The silky silicone and curved tip, not only feels great, but it fits perfectly between you and your partner. This vibe c-ring will also stimulate her in certain positions.

Additionally Overdrive Cock Ring is USB rechargeable and will never let you down.

Waterproof for cleaning and shower.


Ohare Silicone C-Ring

Adult Toys C-Ring

Screaming O Ring O

Screaming O Ring O has 3 super stretchy rings. Stay harder longer with a fuller erection when you use these cock rings.

You can wear one ring on the shaft. Or you can wear one ring around your testes and over the shaft. Additionally, you can wear two at once.

Firmer and harder erections with more intense orgasms.Helps control premature ejaculation.

Adult Toys C-Ring

Metal C-Rings

Metal C-Rings are a 3-Piece metal cock ring set. Use these either in a strap on harness or on him.

The solid metal  c-ring comes with a small, medium and large cock ring.

Use these rings to change sizes of dongs for your harness. The metal rings will give more support to heavier dongs also.

While we suggest you should have c-ring experience, these can also be use on the shaft to prolong you.

Metal adornment rings are steel with gold plating. Safe and pure for body and pleasure.

Cock rings when worn around the base of the penis and testes, users find that cock rings increase sexual pleasure.


H2H Nitrile Rings