O Bob Wand Screaming O

This cheerful fellow can be there for you, 24/7. Whenever the need arises, he’ll be ready to soothe, stimulate, and send you over the edge!

He’s got 3 powerful speeds off the top of his head, plus pulse. Pulse feels wonderful anywhere on your body, so you can just imagine what it can do when targeted to your love zone!

OBob’s smooth silicone head bends at almost any angle, any time you wish. Choose from a low rumble to get things started, up to a powerful quake. Select that delicious pulse function of his to make things even more stimulating.

And OBob cleans up easily! Wipe him down with toy cleaner, or use a warm moist towel with some mild soap. Then wipe soap residue with a fresh moist towel. Let OBob dry thoroughly before storage. Remove batteries to avoid turning him on unintentionally.

OBob makes a great gift for yourself and any woman you know who’d love the on-demand services of a tireless Battery-Operated Boyfriend.

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